Measured Cuts

Cuts of saw, plasma and laser.

LEON TUBOS is an innovative company with the state-of-the-art plasma, laser, bandsaw, and drill machines which allows you to save costs and finish your Project on time.

Our modern Hi-Definition plasma and laser cutting machines, with beveling capability, deliver precise parts. Send us your CAD files into our system and will offer you the best and fastest bespoke service. We also supply bandsaw cutting services. LEON TUBOS can cut to length everything we carry in stock, or from your own stock. Available 2 bandsaw machines to cut to your requirements, whether simply cutting or special close tolerance parts.

A new equipment has been added to our Service Center: a drilling machine. Now, we can supply a 360º service including the drilling, tapping, milling, countersinking and scribing services. We have a new state-of-the-art CNC controlled horizontal single spindle drilling machine, able to process pipes, tubes, beams, and sections for the structural Steel fabrication industry.

Thanks to our superb machines we supply reliable solutions for bespoke steel, and our customers can save time and costs, increasing the availability of operators ready to undertake next projects.

Round Pipes

With diameter from 60.3mm to 1000mm and with thickness from 2mm to 70mm.

Square pipes and rectangular

From 20x20mm to 500x500mm with thickness from 1mm to 20mm.


From 20x20mm to 500x500mm with thickness from 1mm to 20mm.

Angles and sheets

We make all types of cuts over angles and sheets in all dimensions and thickness.